Travel Information

Travel Information

Booking Your Flight

Students are responsible for booking their own flight(s). Students will be given an arrival date and departure date during their fall GEOC 108 course by their instructor. They are responsible for adhering to these dates. Students should be careful when booking, by looking at flight times, layovers, dates, change fees, cancellation policies, and baggages restrictions. Instructors will assist any student in booking a flight, if the student is unsure of what to purchase.

Arrival Information

Upon arrival in the country, the student’s Mason GEOC instructor or on-site program staff will meet students at the airport to make sure they get to their dorm safely. The first days/week on-site will be a program orientation run by both the GEOC instructor and the Gateway partner. On-site orientation is mandatory.

Students will be given a date to arrive in-country and one to depart. GEOC Instructors will assist students in purchasing flights if needed and will spend time during the course outlining travel tips and dates. Once in-country, the on-site orientation will show students how to use the public transportation system. Students are responsible for all in-country transportation costs. Estimates of these costs will be covered during the GEOC course.

Side Trips and In-country Travel

Students are allowed to take weekends and holiday breaks to travel outside of their host city or country. The Pre-Departure Orientation covers safety while traveling abroad, which includes side trips. All students are required to let the GEO know about any planned side trips, and must put this information in their online Mason Portal so that the Global Health and Safety Specialist can contact students in the event of an emergency.


All students are required to have a passport in order to travel on the Gateway program. Each Gateway student is required to obtain a passport prior to the start of the Fall semester. Digital passport copies will be collected from students in the first weeks of the fall semester. Passports must be valid for at least 6 months after the END of the Global Gateway program date. Students who are applying for their first-ever passport and need financial assistance may apply for the GEO Passport Grant from the Global Education Office. 

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