Health and Safety

Health and Safety Abroad

Practice Self-Care 

Taking care of yourself overseas is a critical part of success abroad. The Fall GEOC course covers topics on self-care, mental health, and strategies for staying healthy abroad. In addition, on-site staff is tuned into the needs of first year international students and are always available for support during the spring semester. Students will virtually communicate with on-site staff during the Fall semester and be able to ask questions about their upcoming semester. 

In addition to country-specific issues which are covered throughout the fall GEOC course, all students are required to attend a general Pre-Departure Orientation during their GEOC course led by the Global Health and Safety Specialist. This orientation covers: safety abroad, insurance details, pre-departure precautions, communication while abroad, student conduct, alcohol and drugs abroad, emergency contact information, and scenario activities for students. 

International Emergency Insurance 

All students are covered by International Emergency Insurance, which is part of the program and at no additional cost. There is also a 24/7 International Emergency phone number (+1-703-993-7500) for students to call in case of an emergency. 

Each Global Gateway student is covered by an ACE American Insurance Company policy that is part of the program fee. All students will receive an insurance card that covers them during their time abroad. Please see more details below and Appendix A for a sample card. 

Coverage (Per Covered Person) Maximum Benefits Limits
Accident or Sickness Medical Expense: $500,000 per Sickness or Accident
Emergency Medical Evacuation/Repatriation: 100% of Covered Expenses
Return of Remains: 100% of Covered Expenses

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