Global Gateway Academics

Fall Semester

All Global Gateway students are pre-enrolled and required to pass the Global Gateway course "GEOC 108: Mason Transitions" in the fall semester. This class is intended to help students transition from high school to college and, ultimately, abroad at their Gateway location.

GEOC 108 is designed to help:

  • develop a relationship between students, GEO, and Gateway partner contacts;

  • establish a knowledge base of campus resources (Mason and Gateway partner); and

  • acquire skills for academic success at Mason and abroad.

GEOC 108 meets once a week and is led by one GEOC instructor. This course may be taken for 0 or 1 credit. Full-time tuition at Mason is based on registration in 12–15 credits. Students enrolled in 15 credits may make a request to have the GEOC 108 default of 1 credit changed to 0 credit.

Spring Semester

The pre-approved course list will be made available to students during spring. Students will have the opportunity to browse courses offered at their Gateway location before meeting with their Mason Academic Advisor during summer orientation. It is critical students choose several courses, and backups, to avoid issues with registration for the spring semester. Courses are subject to change at the discretion of the Gateway partner and the Global Gateway staff will update students immediately with any course list changes made by the Gateway partner.

By being part of the Global Gateway program, all students will automatically fulfill the Global Understanding Core Requirement. Students should not register for a Global Understanding Core course for their fall semester, unless it can also be used toward their major/minor. This requirement fulfillment does not carry any credit hours and will not count toward your total number of credit hours taken abroad.

Students are not permitted to take online courses at Mason during the spring semester.

Course Selection and Transfer Credit

Academic Advisor Meetings

Students will meet with their academic advisor at least twice in the next six months: (1) during summer freshman orientation and (2) during the fall semester. During these meetings, students will:

  • Select courses they intend to take while abroad and work with their academic advisor during summer orientation to plan their first year at Mason.

  • Create a course schedule, with backup courses, for both fall and spring semester to stay on track with major or minor or Mason Core requirements.

Course Approvals

Courses are generally pre-approved for Mason credit and students should bring the full course load with them to all academic advisor meetings.  As part of the GEOC 108 course, students are required to get a signature from their academic advisor approving spring courses. Therefore, it is important to plan well with your advisor during summer orientation.

Are you a Honors College Global Gateway student?

Please visit the Honors College website regarding the process and deadlines for evaluating credit to transfer as HNRS credit.

Transfer Credit

Courses will come back as “Transfer Credit” meaning students will receive credit for these courses, but the courses will not affect their GPA. For credit to transfer, students must receive the equivalent of a C or higher in their courses.

Mason Korea Exception

In the case of Mason Korea, credits are considered resident Mason credits. All grades from Mason Korea will be applied to your semester and cumulative GPA at Fairfax.

Transfer Credit Database (CERS)

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