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Meet Emma Gonzalez

Global Gateway in Australia

Studying in Perth, Australia during the winter of 2023 was an incredible opportunity that left a lasting impression on me. The sheer beauty of Australia surpassed my expectations, and I'm deeply grateful that I had the chance to go and experience it.

I always thought Australia would be an amazing place to go to one day, but I didn’t realize I would get to go so soon. After enduring a 26-hour journey on a plane, I finally got to Perth, Australia. It was a long trip, but it was totally worth it and one of the best decisions of my life. The surreal feeling of actually being in Australia after meticulously planning the trip for so long was indescribable. Though leaving my family for nearly half a year was tough, the enriching experiences I had there made it all worthwhile.

Australia’s reversed seasons, encountering winter while my home experienced summer, presented a unique adjustment. It definitely felt weird getting there in late January and it was over 90 degrees outside. Although it was an adjustment, it was so much fun being able to go to the beach while it was freezing back home in Virginia. Those beaches remain one of my fondest memories, and I regret not visiting them more often during my time in Perth.

I overall had an amazing experience in Australia, and I hope I can, one day, return.

Student Spotlight: Emma in Australia by Global Education Office
Emma Gonzalez

Author Spotlight

Major Biology
Hometown Fairfax, Virginia
Study Abroad Global Gateway Australia
Highlight Going to Rottnest Island and meeting all the little Quokkas. The island also had beautiful beaches that we stayed at for a bit.
Challenge I think the biggest challenge for me was getting used to how the university taught its courses. I had to find ways to manage my time to balance studying for school and having my own experiences there.
Favorite Food Sushi

I want to learn more I want to be featured