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Meet Carma Elharazi

Studying Abroad in Taiwan

Taiwan is a beautiful country full of beautiful history, culture, and languages. Because of the pandemic, Taiwan’s borders were strictly closed for 2.5 years. I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship from the Taiwanese Ministry of Education, which allowed me to study at a language school in Kaohsiung, Taiwan for four months.

As a Foreign Language major, I decided to create my own External Study Abroad program and receive credits from this program. I believe the best way to improve one's language skills is by immersing yourself into your target language country. I have been studying Taiwanese Mandarin for about two years now. Going to Taiwan has always been a goal for me. I heard of this scholarship from one of the Taiwanese professors, Professor Hsiao Yu Fen, and applied as soon as possible.

Once I landed in Taiwan, some of the first things the locals would tell me was “Be careful of the monkeys”. I laughed it off but once I arrived, I realized that they were being serious. National Sun Yat-Sen University is a beautiful campus filled with amazing nature, beautiful seaside, monkeys, dogs, and birds. I had intensive 3-hour language classes on the weekdays and on the weekends were filled with exploring the island. Taiwan has an amazing public transportation system, making it easy to travel across the whole island by train in only a couple of hours. Taiwan is also filled with delicious food and, of course, Boba Tea.

Studying Abroad in South Korea

In the summer of 2019, I decided to enhance my language ability and sign up for an intensive language program. Sogang University is known for having a strong language program that focuses on speaking and getting their students out of their comfort zone.

It was my first time traveling abroad by myself, but my excitement overpowered my anxiety. The program had language classes every day for 4 hours and after class there were 2 hour long cultural activities.

Through this program I was able to improve my speaking skills and learn more about Korean culture. We had activities such as traditional drumming, making Bulgogi, carving stamps, and Taekwondo. There were also trips to visit temples across Korea, which had unforgettable scenery. Korea is filled with amazing food, markets, shopping centers, and there is always something to do or see.

Carma Elharazi

Author Spotlight

Major Foreign Languages: Mandarin and Korean
Hometown Alexandria, Egypt
Study Abroad Taiwan - External Program
National Sun Yat-Sen University
South Korea - External Program
Sogang University
Highlight Taiwan
Being able to travel throughout the whole Island, staying at university full of monkeys and learning the native language, Hokkien.
South Korea
learning how to navigate the subway system and being able to be fully immersed into the Korean language.
Challenge My ear getting infected in Taiwan and having to go to the hospital by myself.
Favorite Food 蛋餅跟蘿蔔糕
Egg Crepes and Radish Cake;
순두부그리고 냉면
Tofu Stew and Cold Noodles

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