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It's always important to learn as much as you can about your host country before you go abroad in order to have a positive, successful experience. For LGBTQ+ students, this includes understanding the country's laws and culture toward sexual identity. Below are some resources to consult as you plan for your time abroad! Some countries may require you to modify your behaviors or face extensive discrimination or even legal consequences. It is a must for you to determine in advance how comfortable you feel adjusting your own behaviors to suit the cultural norms of a given culture and select a destination accordingly. No matter where you go, you will encounter different ideologies and will have to adapt to different customs while you are abroad. Be informed and be aware of the attitudes, customs, and laws of your host country. Confide in people who you can trust and establish a healthy relationship with others who can support you, help you feel safe, and make sure you have a rewarding experience abroad.

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  • Put your safety first. Before you leave, familiarize yourself with the customs and laws of your host country.
  • Research the terms and definitions used in your host country to talk about LGBTQ+ issues.
  • Find a support network abroad. U.S. State Department has LGBTQ+ Travel Information and pre-departure tips.

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